1. Present Votes with Friends (Difficulty: Low)

①Tap the button to send votes to your friends, ②and get 900 free votes

(Max 30 friends, 3 times per day)


Q. How to make friends?

A. Write a post to find someone whose bias is the same as yours!

Tap someone’s profile image to send a friend request 🙂




2. Watch Videos (Difficulty: Low)

①Tap to watch videos to get 450 free votes

(30 times per day, 15 votes per video)




3. Confirm photos and get votes (Difficulty: Medium)

①Tap to confirm photos of your bias and get 100 votes

(50 photos per day)


Q. It says ‘There is no photos to confirm yet’.

A. It says so when your bias has not enough photos to get confirmed

Upload photos of your bias

Q. I didn’t get the votes even though I finished confirming photos

A. After photo confirmation, please go to Mail Box > Admin Mail to collect votes.

You should collect them until midnight as they disappear at midnight.




4. Complete Missions to Get Votes

① Tap to start a mission you want to get votes






5. Complete Missions to Earn Cash

① Tap to start a mission you want to earn cash

*Once you complete missions, you will earn cash which may be exchanged with votes