Frequently asked for the uncollectible voting tickets issue!
Q. “There are no available campaigns”

A. It is refreshing the campaigns and you can use it later on.

Q. “I have not received voting tickets from the campaigns”

A. Please follow the guidelines on the below.

It may take some time to confirm

please be aware of this.

1) Press menu button on the left top side of Tapjoy

2) Press “Reward Status”

3) You can check out “Rewarded” and “Not Rewarded” campaigns.

4) You can find campaigns you haven’t completed on “Not Rewarded” menu

5) You can find out a brief history.

6) You can submit a Q&A for Not Rewarded campaign after 24~ 36 hours from you clicked,
you can see the Request Support button like in the image and submit your Q&A through it.