[How to get rewards from friend invitation and referring?]

Invite your friend and get cash and “Charge VTs” item!
The friend who enters your invite code
gets 500 cash as well 🙂

Step 1 : Invite a friend with URL link & your invite code

Step 2 : The friend signs up on FanPlus app

Step 3 : The friend completes the mobile number verification

Step 4 : The friend enters your invite code

Q. How to check my invite code?
A. Go to “Friend Invite Challenge” > Scroll down the page and see “My Invite Code”



[Receiving Friend Invite Mission Rewards]

Once you complete an invite mission,
you get push notifications from FanPlus app
(you must enable FanPlus Notifications on your device).

1. Go to page and CLICK the mission
which you just completed to receive the mission bonus.

2. After you click the mission,
the item bonus is automatically
given to your Item Box.

The cash bonus, in the other hand,
will be automatically added
to your cash status.

Also, every item has a different
storage period in Item Box.
Please check the due date!

※ Check on FanPlus Home > Item Box > see the bonus item available.

3. To use the item,
you must click “USE” button of the item
within the valid days.

Otherwise the item will expire and it is no longer usable.



# You can invite and get rewards from max. 100 friends.

# Your friend must enter your invite code correctly (incl. #)

# Your friend must enter your invite code
within 3 days after the sign-up.
After 3 days it is not possible.
(FanPlus Settings > Enter your referrer)

# Both you and your friend’s mobile numbers must be verified.


※ Item Box Storage period

(If you do not use the item during the period, it will be expired)

1. Friend VTs Boosters: Stored for 1year in Item Box

2.”Charge VTs” item: stored for 3days in Item Box


※ Cash: You do not need to click “USE” button.

Cash will be automatically accumulated on your cash status.

All cash is valid for 1year.


[More information]

▶ iOS : Go to FanPlus settings > Friend Invite Challenge
or click “c” icon at the upper right corner on FanPlus home

▶ Android : Click “c” icon at the upper right corner on FanPlus home