Having a problem with “Allow tracking” issues on iOS?
Please read our guidelines below very carefully and follow the first method:
1. Update your iOS to ver. 14.0.1 
2. Delete FanPlus app and re-install it
3. Log in with your FanPlus account
4. Go to Vote > Click “Get free voting tickets” menu
5. If a pop-up message shows up, saying “Please allow tracking to see ADs”, Click Setting > Enable “Allow Tracking”
6. Go back to FanPlus app and try to watch ADs again
* See the video tutorial below:
If you still see “allow tracking to see ADs” message, Please follow the second method as below:
7. Go to Setting > Privacy > Tracking > Turn both “Allow Apps to Request to Track” and “FanPlus” option ON (see the image below) 
  8. Go to Setting > Privacy > Apple Advertising > Turn “Personalised Ads” ON (see the image below)
9. Go to Setting > FanPlus > Turn “Allow Tracking” ON
10. Go back to FanPlus app > Vote > Click “Get Free Cash” (Click ” Allow” if the popup message is shown)
If you still have the issue after the guideline, please contact us!
FanPlus team
[Contact us] Setting on FanPlus app → Contact us → Select a type of your inquiry → Write your issue in detail