๐ŸšจFanPlus New Feature Guide๐Ÿšจ

Hi guys! this is FanPlus team.
We present our new feature “ITEMS” now๐ŸŽ‰
Exchange items with cash on Item Shop
and have more fun with FanPlus app!



Q. Where is Item Shop?

A. Update FanPlus app to the latest version
and find “Item Shop” on FanPlus Home.
(Under Cash Status menu)



Q. Where is Item Box?

A. Update FanPlus app to the latest version
and find “Item Box” menu on the main home page.
There are two ways to see Item Box.


โ‘  Click “Item Box” under Cash Status on FanPlus Home

โ‘กGo to Item Shop > Click “Item Box” icon

* Item Shop and Item Box is available on ver. 1.9.0 or newer.



Q. How can I exchange items?
A. Click an item you want to have and
exchange it with cash you own on Item Shop.




Q. How can I check the items I exchanged with cash?
A. Go to “Item Box” and check items you own.

Q. How can I use items?
A. Click “Use” button on the item you want to start using.


Q. How can I see my items being used?
A. There are two ways to check items being used.

โ‘  See “Item being used” menu on FanPlus Home.
(Under Item Shop & Item Box)

โ‘ก See “Item being used” on the upper page of “Item Box”.



*When ‘Add-Friend extension(s)’ item is applied,
you can see the item icon on “Friends” page โ†“


*’Friend VTs x2 Booster’ being applied during x3 event (total VTs x6) โ†“

Q. Can I use ‘Friend VTs x2 Booster’?
A. Yes, you can!
there is a condition though: If you use multiple booster items, period of item usage will be applied longer
So, you can get up to 6 times more friend VTs during x3 event with the item.

*e.g. You are using two “Friend VTs x2 Booster’ items during x3 event
-> You get Friend VTs x6 for 6 days
-> After x3 event’s closed, you get friend VTs x2 for the rest of item period.


If you have any questions related to the new feature,
please contact us.
(Setting on FanPlus > Contact us >
Choose a category and enter your issue > Send)

Also, stay tuned for new various items
coming soon on Item Shop ๐Ÿ™‚


Thank you for using FanPlus!