Hi guys! Good news 😊

A new item has been added on FanPlus Item Shop:
“Friend VTs x3 Booster” !!🎉

VT = Voting Ticket

What is “Friend VTs x3 Booster”?

In general, you get 6 VTs per sending from your friend.
With the new item, you can receive 3 times more VTs.
(6VTs x 3 = 18 VTs per sending)
Use “Friend VTs x3 Booster” to receive more VTs!


“Friend VTs x3 Booster” is a limited item.
Only limited quantity of the item is available on Item Shop at a time.
Once it is sold out, you need to wait until it is open again!

📌Tips for VTs accumulation

Once you have 70 friends,

you can get up to 3,780 VTs with
“Friend VTs x3 Booster” item.
– You can add max. 50 friends after completing mobile verification and add 20 more friends using “Add-Friend extension” items😊
– About “Friend” feature, see more in the link ->



Also, you can get even 9 times more VTs with the item during FanPlus x3 event.
Stay tuned for our next event 😊


📌Frequently asked questions

Q. How can I buy the item?
A. Check if you have sufficient cash (1,440cash).
Go to Item shop on FanPlus main page
and buy “Friend VTs x3 Booster”.

Q. 3What does mean that “Friend VTs x3 Booster” is a limited item?
A. There is a limit of the item’s quantity at a time. Once the item is sold out, you need to wait for the next sales opening on Item Shop. Stay tuned for our notice of new opening date.


Q. I bought “Friend VTs x3 Booster” but I‘m not receiving Friend VTs 3 times.
A. After you buy the item, you must go to Item Box and click “Use” button to start using the item.
(FanPlus Home > Item Box > Item being stored > Select “Friend VTs x3 Booster” > Click “Use”)

Q. Can I use Friend VTs x2 booster and Friend VTs x3 booster at the same time?
A. No. You cannot use different multiple items simultaneously.

CASE1) If you were using x2 booster & want to add x3 booster

-> the current x2 booster will be expired directly no matter how long the item valid period is left.
And then x3 booster will be applied.

CASE2) If you were using x3 booster & want to add x2 booster

-> x2 is not applicable since the higher multiple item is being used.

Q. Can I use multiple quantities of “Friend VTs x3 Booster” at the same time?

A. “Friend VTs x3 Booster” is valid for 3days.
If you use 2 boosters at the same time, the valid period is extended as 6 days.
The more items, the longer valid.


There will be more and more new items coming on Item Shop. Stay tuned 😊

Any other questions related to items and Item Shop?

Feel free to contact us!

(FanPlus Home > Setting > Contact us > Enter your inquiry > Send)

New item>bit.ly/3guYnXO