Hi FanPlus guys!

You know that FanPlus NEVER charges you for cash

or voting tickets. Everything is with no payment .

Q. I clicekd โ€œDo Missionsโ€ and โ€œGet Free Cashโ€ but nothing shows upย 

A. for international markets, there might be no campaings available due to the ad providerโ€™s policy.

Go to โ€œVoteโ€ menu โ†’ โ€œBuy Votes (VTs)โ€ โ†’ โ€œGet fee votesโ€ โ†’ TADA! you can participate campaigns to get VTs.

Q. I participated a campaign but I did not get rewards (voting tickets)ย 

A. Unfortunately, we cannot check the issue on FanPlus. Please check which ad platform you used for the participation, and report your issue to the platform customer service.

To report the issue, please follow the guidelines :


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We will check it out as soon as possible!
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