A. on the ‘Friend’ menu, you can make friends and send/receive voting tickets between you and the friends.

Q. If I send VTs to my friends, are VTs that I own going to be gone?

A. No, your VTs will remain and your friend will get ‘additional’ VTs.

Q. Wow! we get more extra VTs as we make more friends then?!

A. Yes😊 you will get more additional VTs as you have more friends.

BUT, you must verify your mobile number for the purpose of interacting with ‘REAL’ friends.

You can only have 3 friends without mobile authentication. After verifying your mobile number, you can make up to 50 friends.

So, make sure that you complete the mobile authentication 😉

Q. How can I make friends?

A. [Option #1]

Click other user’s profile on board (posts/comments) and send a friend request

[Option #2]

See friends recommendations on Home

FanPlus recommends people who like the same bias as yours, or live in the same area

Q. I can’t send a friend request / I can’t accept the friend request 🙁

A.  You can have max. 50 friends on FanPlus.

The friends may already have 50 friends (or 3 friends, if they did not verify the mobile number yet), so the friend request cannot be sent or accepted.


Q. How to make friends faster?

A. How about writing a post about friend requests on Board?

It is one of effective ways to introduce yourself to your friends-to-be users 😊 You will receive a lot friend requests from the post!

Q. Where can I find friend requests that I sent or received?

A. Home -> Friend Requests -> You can see the list of ‘received’ and ‘sent’ requests.

Q. I want to send voting tickets to my friends

You can send VTs to you friends on the friend list.

Click “Frends” on Home -> Click “Send VT” box icon -> done! 😊

Q. What is the policy of “Send voting tickets to friends”?

1. You can send VTs to each friend three times daily.

2. Once the VTs have been sent, you can send VTs again after 30 minutes.

3. Your friends receive 6 VTs each time.

4. VTs that your send to your friend are valid until 23:59:59 (KST) of the day.

Q. I want to collect voting tickets that have been sent from my friends.

A. Click “Mailbox” -> Friend’s mail -> collect VTs sent you’re your friends!

Q. What is the policy of the voting tickets sent from my friends?

1. The VTs will be gone at 0:00(KST) of the next day of sending if you do not collect them.

2. You get 6 VTs each time the friends send them to you.

3. You can get max. 900 VTs per day from the friends.

(Tip: After mobile verification, you can have max. 50 friends!)

4. The VTs received from friends are valid for 90days from the VTs collecting date.

Q. I want to ‘unfriend’ a person.

A. You can delete friends on “Friends” menu.

Click Friends on Home -> Click “Manage friends” -> Select an user you want to “unfriend” -> Click “Delete selected friends”.